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Kill the Chaos with Juliana Stachurski

Raising 8 children with her husband, Brian, plus building her own business, Juliana Stachurski could easily let chaos rule her life, but she doesn’t. Several years ago, when she realized that the work-life balance philosophy was a lie and developed her own priority framework, the chaos and stress melted. The relationship with her husband and …


For the Love of Muzzleloading with Ethan Yazel

Hobbies and work-life can certainly intertwine. Ethan Yazel, host of “I Love Muzzleloading” certainly weaves the skills he knows through his day job as a content marketer into his muzzleloading hobby. Ethan is a 5th-generation muzzleloading enthusiast. His family’s love of muzzleloading dates to the 1930s. He’s always had a passion for history and thinks …